DBT for Me

Learn to:

  • Cope in painful situations
  • Live in the moment instead of dwelling
    on the past or worrying about the future
  • Build self-awareness and confidence
  • Express yourself effectively
  • Say no and get what you want
  • Live a life worth living

What is DBT?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an empirically validated treatment designed to be effective with the most challenging clients. It has been adapted by many people over the years since initially developed by Marsha Linehan, and is considered a gold standard for treating problems related to emotional dysregulation like:

  • a lack of self-awareness,
  • poor self-esteem,
  • emotional suffering,
  • impulsive and self-destructive behaviours, and
  • interpersonal conflict.

Comprehensive DBT programs require weekly individual therapy sessions in order to break down and analyse maladaptive beliefs, emotions and behaviours and replace them with more skillful ways of responding to what life throws at us. Skills training group sessions are an essential element of the program. Here, 4 sets of life skills are taught:

  • Mindfulness Skills to develop self-awareness and insight,
  • Distress Tolerance Skills to get through the difficult moments without acting impulsively and against our own interests,
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills to improve our relationships and get more of what we want out of life, and
  • Emotion Regulation Skills to increase the good times, reduce the bad times, and live a more balanced life.

What is a DBT therapist?

DBT therapists are committed to “going where Angels fear to tread”. They believe that clients cannot fail in therapy, so they work hard to ensure that you are getting to the root of the problem, and learning the skills necessary to get more out of life. In order to hold themselves accountable, they are supported by a team of therapists who collaborate to help ensure you achieve your goals.

Who are we?

PEACE Psychotherapy is an association of independent psychotherapists committed to DBT. We believe that empathy and compassion are essential tools for living a good life. All people, no matter how hopeless they feel, have the capacity for change and the desire to live a life worth living. We understand that many people and their families are struggling with powerful negative emotions, impulses and behaviours. We will ask the difficult questions, challenge you, and support you throughout the process.

What is DBT for Me?

At PEACE psychotherapy, we are committed to helping people learn

  • to accept what they cannot change,
  • to change the things they can, and
  • develop the wisdom to determine the difference.

Depending on your current challenges, we will help you learn the skills that are most relevant to you. To accommodate the treatment needs of the individual, we provide skills training in both a group and individual format.

The DBT treatment group provides members an opportunity to learn the 4 sets of DBT skills in a therapeutic environment. Members can explore the causes of their suffering, learn and practice new skills, disclose and problem solve challenges as they arise, and work towards achievable life goals. Group treatment can be powerful as it offers real life opportunities to interact with others in a way that transforms relationships.

Many clients  do not believe they can cope well in a group setting. Together with your therapist we can determine if and when group therapy is the right fit for you.

In order to be responsive to your needs, PEACE Psychotherapy offers a variety of ancillary services on an as needed basis. Based on the individualized treatment plan, this can include combinations of the following:

Initial Phone InquiryA brief phone call to discuss your needs, answer any questions about our services, and set up an Initial In-Person ConsultationFree
Initial In-Person or Video ConsultationMeeting with client and/or family members to explore treatment needs and goals. $195-360 /1.5 hours + applicable taxes
Therapy SessionIndividual, Couple, or Family$130-240* /hour + applicable taxes
Multi-Therapist ConsultationMeeting with client and/or family members and all involved therapists$325 /hour + applicable taxes
DBT Skills Treatment GroupOn-going group. Open enrollment.

4 Modules covered over the course of 20 two-hour sessions held once a week.

*If client is not engaged in regular individual therapy a commitment of one individual therapy session per module is required.
$2300.00 + applicable taxes / 4 modules (20 sessions – 40 hours)
$575.00 + applicable taxes / 1 installments every 5 weeks (5 sessions – 10 hours)

Each group session price $115.00 + applicable taxes

*If client is not engaged in regular individual therapy a commitment of one individual therapy session per module is required.
In-Home SessionIndividual, Couple, or Family$130-240* /hour plus travel time + applicable taxes
E-TherapyCounselling through confidential online audio/video forum$130-240* / hour + applicable taxes
Telephone CoachingIn-between session support$130-240*/ hour + applicable taxes, pro-rated
Collateral ContactCommunication with other service providers (i.e. psychiatrist, case manager, etc.)$130-240*/ hour + applicable taxes, pro-rated
Other Services as Requiredi.e. homework review and feedback, therapeutic email or text correspondence, letter writing, counseling phone calls, report writing, clinical communication with other service providers$130-240* / hour + applicable taxes, pro-rated,  as agreed upon
Logistical CommunicationPhone calls, text messages, and emails related to appointment times and schedulingNo charge
Follow-UpCalls initiated by the therapistNo charge

Cancellation Policy:

If a client does not cancel a scheduled appointment, your psychotherapist will bill for the entire cost of the missed appointment or cancellation with less than 24-hours of notice. If a client is late for an appointment, the session will still end at the original appointment time.

*Rate based on therapist experience. You may inquire about our sliding scale which can be determined on an individual basis.

In special circumstances, a monthly fee may be negotiated that would include things like session time, telephone consultations and travel time if required. Accepted methods of payment: e-transfer, cheque, cash, credit card

Rates are subject to periodic review with 30 day notification.

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