Individual sessions generally form the bulk of therapy, as it is important to create a therapeutic rapport so that problem behaviors and situations can be examined closely, and new behaviors can be learned and practiced. By the time I meet most of the people I’ve worked with, they’ve had previous helpers and things haven’t worked out as they or their families hoped. Over many years in the field, I have learned a great deal about a variety of therapies and worked in a variety of modalities, but I find myself most comfortable with an approach that is very consistent with Dialectical Behavior Therapy. That said, I tend to find that many people require an approach that is flexible and responsive to their needs, depending on how motivated they are to make changes at this moment in their lives. Some clients are eager to explore new ways of thinking and acting, and others are so hopeless and discouraged that a supportive rapport is paramount.

As far as families go, I believe if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. This is especially true when there is lots of conflict between the adolescent and other family members, but it is also true when there are problems in the relationship like guilt and mistrust. Although it is ultimately up to the young person to decide, I encourage family involvement when it can be helpful. This can mean parents, siblings, in various combinations or with the whole family. Sometimes family sessions can be helpful in addressing specific problems. However, I believe that the more parents understand the behaviors and dynamics in the family, the more progress is possible. Sometimes I will recommend family sessions to focus on “coming up with a plan”, so that parents and other family members can be part of the solution. Depending on the focus and intensity of the session, family sessions are often longer than individual sessions, so this needs to be taken into account when considering the session fees.

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Intensive Home Based Family Therapy (based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

This is the most involved of all the treatments I offer. I have had extensive training in this area over more decades that I’d like to admit, and I am very comfortable working with high conflict families. Ever since learning about Dialectical Behavior Therapy over 10 years ago, I have been passionate about it’s potential to help improve the lives of anyone who understands it. Not only is DBT a gold standard in Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, it is also a wise way to live life. It is enlightenment.

Responsive to the needs of the client and family, this service involves both individual and family sessions, as well as telephone contact and/or video conferencing as needed for the purposes of consultation and coaching. My hope is that we can work collaboratively to understand the factors controlling problem behaviors, and learn new ways of coping that improve our lives and relationships with our loved ones.

Do to the high degree of involvement in this type of work, I am only able to take on a limit number of these clients.