For Providers

PEACE Psychotherapy is committed to spreading the wisdom of DBT to anyone who will listen. Over the past 5 years, Danny has developed and presented numerous workshops and trainings for providers, teaching the assumptions, theories, strategies, and skills that make DBT such a powerful treatment. One aspect of DBT that is uniquely useful is the idea that the client cannot fail in therapy, so the therapist has to be able to engage in the “Dialectical Dance”, balancing validation and change strategies to maintain a strong therapeutic alliance while teaching the skills to change behavioural, emotional, thinking and interpersonal patterns associated with problems in living.

As DBT is a rich and comprehensive treatment, trainings and workshops can be adapted to address a variety of needs, from focusing on skills teaching and coaching, to learning how to complete a comprehensive DBT assessment and treatment plan, to implementing a dialectical consultation team, an essential element of effective DBT.

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