Yanekah Jacobs

Executive Administrator/Client Intake Coordinator

Yanekah is the Executive Administrator and Client Intake Coordinator for PEACE Psychotherapy. She has worked in the medical and mental health field for over 10 years as a researcher, administrator and client coordinator. Yanekah graduated with honours from the Women & Gender Studies Bachelor of Arts program at York University and has gone on to pursue a Master’s degree in Critical Disability Studies and intends to become a therapist in the future. Her education and experience allow her to effectively communicate with clients and co-ordinate services based on individual needs while understanding the importance of finding the right therapist for them. Her experience, both personal and professional, also highlighted the importance of appropriate mental health care which fostered a passion for helping people access services that are often difficult to navigate. PEACE’s approach of promoting empathy, acceptance and compassion is what drew her to this role as it allows her to be part of the process toward helping people achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their families